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24 January, 2015

We have cast THE TACKLE for the Lost Theatre Five Minute Festival.The Tackle with Venue Two very fine young actors, Benjamin Cawley and Harry Fell. Rehearsals next week at the wonderful Wimbledon Theatre.  Our slot is the 3rd February. Looking forward to it immensely. The Dress rehearsal will be filmed, and accessible on line.

Adam Brown, the lead in my play WHITE MEAT, staged at the Groundlings Theatre, Southsea, in 2011, plans to produce the play at a London venue in spring. Very exciting.  The part of Dylan was absolutely made for Adam. Delighted that he wants to produce it. Cannot wait to see the production.


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6 January, 2015

First cut of the first scene of ‘Watching’ this week. Looks good. Pleased. Should be edited and ready to go by the end of the month.

Some success early on in the New Year. My short play ‘The Tackle’ has been selected for the Lost Five Minute Play Festival which runs from 2nd to 7th February. What can you do in 300 seconds? Quite a lot really. ‘The Tackle’ tells the story of two young guys, friends from school, signed terms to play for Arsenal and West Ham United. An incident occurs during a match, leaving one of them so injured he is forced to retire from the game. The other goes on to great successes, playing for England, whilst the injured player finds solace in drink and drugs. Life can turn on one incident, and it does for these two people. Somewhat thematic, I know, but that’s what happens sometimes!

The Lost festival is a high profile, prestigious event held annually, and attracts sell out audiences and interest from agents and the like, so may well be good for networking purposes. Hope so anyway. Check it out.

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