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21 March, 2015

The So And So Arts Club are undertaking a reading of my 2011 produced play ‘It Started With A Touch’ on the 2nd April. The play has been revised somewhat, and is, I think a better play for the revisions. Invited members of the original casts along. Looking forward to that. Thanks to Sarah Berger who runs the club for organising it.

Indulgent it may appear, but I think necessary to shoot another scene for ‘Presents’. Very pleased with the look of the first cut, and the general feel of it, but there are story issues which bugged me, sufficiently so to warrant shooting another scene with the talented Joanne Gale next week end. Hopefully get it edited and circulated by the end of April.

Went to rehearsals of ‘White Meat’ last week and met the talented young group of actors from Tangled Spider Theatre. So looking forward to seeing a London production of what was my first full length play staged.


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