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18 April, 2015

The play reading of ‘It Started With A Touch by the So And So Arts club, a resounding success. Lots of good things about the play, which is encouraging. If nothing else writers need encouragement. It’s the life blood to continue writing.

The last night of ‘White Meat’ at The Courtyard theatre tonight.Saw the production on Tuesday and going to the last night tonight. A great show by the young theatre group. A lot of effort and energy, which deserves to be rewarded.

Final cut of ‘Watching’ this next week. Another great effort by Sam Mason Bell and the cast and crew. The film is different to how I envisaged it, but satisfying nonetheless. When it is done we will send it out to festivals.

It is way behind schedule, but the short film  ‘Presents’ is finished awaiting editing. Shot one extra scene with the very talented Joanne Gale to give a slightly different take on the story last month. It will be better for it. Simpler. And better.

Completed the first draft of a stage play, a two-hander, entitled ‘Runaway a week ago.. Don’t remember ever being so engrossed in a play. Positively overtook me for the month I worked on it. The play tells the story of a 15 year old schoolgirl who runs off with her schoolteacher. He is sent to prison for four years. She waits for him to be released. Then things happen to make her think again, and the growing up process kicks in. A second draft beckons soon.


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