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29 November, 2016

_MIS3547 (2).jpgIssued a new play entitled ‘Benches’ to the Royal Court. Hit the deadline of 28th November for issue. Just.  Loosely based on an idea I had years back relating to  commemorative plaques on benches. In  parks. On the beach. Enjoyed the discipline of having to hit a deadline date.

Two weeks to ‘Birth And Other Plays’ at the Wedgewood Rooms.  A recent meeting and read of two of the plays. My thanks to Andy Ripley and Andrew Barber for coming on board with ‘The Application’. Blown away by their performance at Groundlings Theatre. Be great to show the play to another audience.

‘I Don’t Talk Like This’ got a commendation at the Lost Theatre 5 Minute Festival for ‘concept’ but did not win . My thanks to Zoe Teverson and Alexandra Brynn for their performances. It was a pleasure working with two fine actresses.

‘It Started With A Touch’ had a successful three night run in October, at Rosie’s Vineyard, the last night resulting in more people attending than the availability  of seats. I had to stand up. What a pleasure that was. One of the best nights in theatre I’ve experienced. Certainly re:

my productions. Images of Angie Lily, Patric Howe, Katie Watson, Faye Williams, Matt Johnston from the play.


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