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17 April 2017

An invitation from the Royal Court Theatre to meet their Literary people on the 18th April following my submission of ‘Benches’ issued to them at the end of November last year. Quite delighted. Going to that Stage Door again and signing in is something to behold. Loved it when I was part of the Writers’ Group last year . It is a good feeling to tread if not the boards of such an established theatre,  at least go up the stairs.!!!

Writing like crazy this past couple of months.  A monologue entitled ‘Stalking’ written following my visit to Hull at the end of February, and a full-length play entitled ‘Exhume’ which I  have been ‘into’ more than anything I have ever written. The word ‘obsession’ does not tell half the story. I have just about, almost, nearly, completed a first draft, the end of April being my target.


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