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21 September 2017

A co-production with WALDIS Productions at the wonderful Wedgewood Rooms on the 22nd and 23rd November with DAMAGES by Steve Thompson and MIRRORS a short piece by me as an appetiser.  Should be fun.

A link to the site for bookings:-



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1 Sept 2017

Feedback that ‘Runaway’ in Toronto went well. Which is encouraging. A film of the play will be made by the theatre company, which is exciting. Look forward to seeing the outcome.

Further developments on the proposed filming of ‘The Tackle’ continue. The Producers are looking for so called ‘named actors’ to appear in it. Await further news.

My short play ‘Payback’ was selected for the annual Pint Sized Play Festival, to be held in Wales later this month.  The play tells the story of a man who breaks into a house where he stole money from a woman’s bedroom 10 years earlier, to pay the money back. A fun comedy.

‘Grace’ has now been cast and a Director found. Rehearsal schedule set, and first meeting with the cast and crew on Monday the 4th September.

‘Exhume’ continues to consume me. Three drafts from the end of March when I started the play. To work on the play further post the ‘Grace’ production.

In talks with a London theatre management for a three week run of ‘Benches’ for 2018 which I look forward to immensely. Developed the play some since the meeting with the Royal Court theatre in May, and feel excited by it.

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