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30 June 2018

Despite the structure and storyline ‘Benches’  went down well and received a couple of pretty good reviews. Credit to all the actors and to Sam Sampson for directing it.

Plan to stage ‘Runaway’ at Rosie’s Vineyard in October. Alex Howat to play Cathy’s uncle Mike, but yet to find a Cathy. It will be the first staging of  the play in the U.K. following a production by Small but Mighty Theatre in Toronto last August.

Wrote the first draft of an oddball two hander play entitled ‘Freehold’ in the U.K. and Portugal about an eccentric middle aged woman called Beverley who knocks on the door of a quiet introspective man called John Baxter who owns the ground floor flat of a Victorian house split into two flats on two levels to ask if the people who live upstairs who are selling the flat  are with him as they arranged to meet her. They are not, and are otherwise engaged and cannot show her around. Beverley and John share some time together. And other things besides.


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